33. FAI WGC, Räyskälä, Finland 2014

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33. FAI WGC, Räyskälä, Finland 2014

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On behalf of the Finnish Aeronautical Association, Räyskälä Foundation and my gliding club Nuorisoilmailijat ry I have a pleasure to invite you to the 33 World Gliding Championships in Club, Standard and 20-M Multi Seat Classes organised in Räyskälä, Finland.
Competition period will be from 22nd June to 6th July 2014.

The first flight was flown in Räyskälä 51 years ago in May 1963. After that Räyskälä has been continuously developed and today it is the largest gliding center in Northern Europe with the perfect facilities and four paved runaways to facilitate big gliding events. Räyskälä has been hosting many international competitions since 1976 when it was organizing the World Gliding Championships for the first time.

Entries will be accepted from 1 December 2013 to 28 February 2014. Detailed schedule, pricing and other related information can be found in the Bulletin 1 published on the competition webpage http://wgc2014.fi. Please follow us also on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/wgc2014 and Twitter https://twitter.com/WGC2014.

Looking forward to meeting you in Räyskälä,
Heikki Pohjola
Competition Director
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