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kam bi radi šli, kam gremo, kje smo bili, kaj smo delali... ni nujno da je povezano z letenjem
Miha Kos
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Slovenija (spet) postaja jadralsko zanimiva ...

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V ponedeljek, 7.4. smo (poleg uspešnih domačih letov - čestitke!) imeli v naših krajih nemškega gosta, ki je vzletel v Lienzu / Avstrija in občudoval Jadran nad Trstom: ... Id=3520421
Tu je še vzpodbuden in promocijsko gotovo pomemben zapis na OLC.

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Tuesday 08 April 2014
As an ingenious flight is from a failed plan

Here it comes to flight by Axel Beurer in the OLC.
In the middle of the Alps from Lienz break from diverse on Monday pilots to large distances on. A brilliant and successful day, which conjures up a smile on the face of the sky striker alongside many points. The route is similar. It goes west over Bolzano, Merano, Sondrio to Lake Como - so deep into Italy. Axel Beurer but with a strong flight turns off - incredible way to the sea. And zoom out to the coast and bring it with 631 points, more than many "pure mountain flyer" out.
The actual plan is different. He also wants as much as possible to the west. After 60 kilometers, it fails at the Talinversion of Brunico. After a "wonderful half-hour sliding" the collared height he must throw the engine. That does not mean for him but to throw in the towel. Axel is looking for an alternative. Well, if it does not bring the West, then perhaps the Karawanken (border between Austria and Slovenia) in the east. Short hand is turned on his heels made.
At the height of Notsch him the well-developed shear July Alps fall on. Why not? So swing south to Slovenia. The July shear Alps prove to be entertaining gas station. With a nice cushion of air under the butt it goes further south we encounter the sea to the horizon. Well, if this is already in sight, the desire is natural enough to go really over the sea. Since the base is high, a decision from the desire. Less than a kilometers above the Adriatic starts drinking. Axel says: "My lofty plans I then buried very quickly and am flown back to the country."
But at least until about the sea he came and without motor up home. He sums up: Trieste is a very good place to fly close to the sea. The thermally active area extends at least up to five kilometers along the coast. And also airspace technically, this region does not challenge the southern Slovenia is sailing aeronautically a great area. And there is still much to explore. A new target a tour around Ljublijana-Axel has already written himself into the "notebook".
Text: SK
Photos: Axel Beurer

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